How first bridge was built




My name is Ekaterina Golubeva,

I’m a maths student and tutor and with my father, who used to work as a CEO of financial and industrial companies in Russia, I would like to make maths more accessible to everyone, no matter their language or background. 

Being myself a migrant, I had to face the challenge of learning a new language and integrating into Swiss society. Mathematics was my bridge : as I already was good at it back in Russia, I used it as a support to find confidence and move on. I found my strength in it and I would like to share my passion with others helping them to deal with the difficulties of integration and overcome the barriers of language by turoting mathematics. 

Our service 

Our educational service will help students and foreigners in Switzerland to learn French while learning maths. It is tailored for people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, and people from other educational systems wanting to enter Swiss educational institutions. The language becomes a challenge on your way to understanding mathematics and moving on with studies in Switzerland. 

To make learning mathematics more accessible to everyone, we are building a tailored program that provides individual monitoring by a maths tutor in the learner’s mother tongue. By providing them with an introductory course or regular sessions, depending on their needs and their educational program, this package should


  • Prepare students start a new maths curriculum (at high school or university) by givinig them the necessary foundation in math and supplementing their knowledge

  • Give them confidence and put them at ease and facilitate their schooling

  • Allow them to understand maths in one's mother tongue


On our website our students will be able to choose the program relating to their situation, an appropriate rate and the tutor who speaks their native language (for foreigners). 

Mathematics is exciting when understood and it should not be the subject that keeps you from what you want to study nor who you want to become. That’s why we want to create a network of tutors that would prepare them to start their studies or support them in pursuing their academic path in maths. What makes us different is that we propose to give classes both face-to-face and online to our students, with the possibility to study maths with a tutor speaking their mother tongue.